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The copyright in the games of the Free Video Games Project belongs to the person or entity identified below. The Free Video Games Project licenses games from their owners. Occasionally a game will have been released into the public domain by way of free license. Many games, particularly those that are recreations of original games, are released into the public domain in this way.

Note that it is not possible to copyright a game concept. Tribute or 'fan games' often fall into this category and can be the first step in a game designer's education or career. Fan websites are a tradition on the Internet and provide a valuable service, raising awareness of older titles to younger people. We encourage original game owners who are interested in monetizing their older catalogue, to contact us. - © The Free Video Games Project - © Petr Mizerov - © Piotr Parys - © D. Shep Poor - © Jason Cirillo - © Felix Turner - © Paul Neave - © LilDwarf - © Goodgame Studios - © Jay Pavlina - © Paul Neave - © Max McDonnell - © GameDesign - © Paul Neave - © Dennis G - © Paul Neave - © Paul Neave