Privacy Policy


The Free Video Games Project and its related websites have a straightforward privacy policy. We store a cookie that tracks the number of times a user visits one of our sites. We also collect e-mail addresses from regular users, which we use to send out very infrequent e-mails (1 per year) notifying our users of new games typically. We do not share or rent our e-mail database with others, and you can unsubscribe at any time through the link included with all of our (infrequent) e-mails. Like most websites we utilize 3rd party services to track non-personally identifiable information and provide ad optimization and serving. These 3rd party services may and likely use cookies, and may also use online behavioral advertising to show advertisements more likely to be of interest to you. These services collect things like clickstream data (are you moving the mouse around?), browser type, date/time, and over time build a picture of your interests. That's the way it is - everywhere. We use Google Adsense and you should read their privacy policy in conjunction with this one. Other 3rd party services we use are Google Analytics, Quantcast and WebSpectator, and they have their own privacy policies. The key thing is we don't tie the info we have (your email) to any of these 3rd party services, so it's anonymous. You can manage your cookies if this troubles you, and choose not to receive them through a variety of methods, but this is increasingly become more hassle than its worth. A good starting point for research is the Wikipedia entry for cookies.

If a user wishes to know more about advertising practices or would like to know more about his/her options, you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative ("NAI") web-site. The NAI is a cooperative of online advertising companies who are committed to responsible practices and consumer protection.

The Free Video Games Project websites include, and this privacy policy is valid for:

You can contact us at hello (at) freevideogamesonline (dot) org